For your love,I desperately waited

In the midst of it all,felt caged and gated;

You’ll be there for me,I always perceived

Your love and affection,I never received;

Still to save our relationship,gave you chance after chance

Thinking,maybe one day,we’ll be doing our happy dance;

But,I should have realized sooner,that you are not the one for me

In your absence,I’ve rediscovered myself and am left to be;

Remember,no longer my heart you can con

The person you’ve called has moved on.




Laughter is watching your favourite comedy shows 

A way to escape from all your worries and lows;

Laughter is cracking a really silly joke

And, the only one laughing at it,till it makes you choke;

Laughter is seeing children playing with all  of their favourite toys

Your face unknowingly filled with giggles and joy;

Laughter is simply just making merry

Watching reruns of an all time favourite-Tom and Jerry;

Laughter is playing and cuddling with your furry friend 

Truly, all these moments are precious and Godsend;

Laughter is just plain happiness and moments of bliss 

Surrounded by your loved ones,with lots of hugs, cuddles and sweet kisses; 

These moments of laughter indeed make the belly ache

Leaving us with nothing,but beautiful memories to take. 


Like the glorious sun and the mighty moon

let’s always have each other’s back,

In life, we’ll make up for what the other one lacks;

Like the sun, always try to shine bright 

Be like the moon and in darkness,

become others’ guiding light;

Everyday like the beautiful sun

from our situations we have to rise,

Remember like the moon

beauty comes in different shapes and sizes;

Both the sun and the moon have their own unique place

Life should be savoured as it’s not meant to be a race;

These heavenly beauties teach us

how to co exist beautifully

For the sake of humanity, with each other,

let us live gracefully and cheerfully. 


I wish,I could’ve stayed with you longer 

But,then,you wouldn’t have stood on your own feet;

And,come out on the other side much stronger.


Hey, you twinkling beauties!

Grateful as you come out at night,

to perform your nightly duties;

Of illuminating the skies at night,

With your sparkly light;

Oh!What a beautiful sight! 

Like always,keep on shining with all your might;

Because of you,my life becomes a little more bright,

You are proof that with darkness I can fight;

Give me hope to stand up,

for the truth and the right;

So,thank you for dropping by,

See you again tonight in the wondrous sky. 


B’Day Post

Considering today is my birthday,I thought I’ll post about something which I love and my blog gravitates mostly towards……..poetry. Also,just want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have followed my blog and who like my posts. Really means a lot to me.Just grateful and thankful for everyone and everything.Here’s to a happy and healthy future for everyone and may God bless us all.

Poetry is love

Peaceful as a dove; 

It’s my emotions,feelings and thoughts

Spilled onto a page,

Which get released from my mind

Like birds from a cage; 

Poetry is life

Gives me strength whenever I’m in strife;

It makes the world a better place

Forever will be my happy space. 


It’s a matter of being kind 

Love, compassion and empathy for others

should always be on your mind;

By doing so, joy and contentment you’ll find;

Through kindness, the world will truly bind. 


She’s like a nurturing flower 

If you truly love her, admire her ftom afar; 

Don’t you dare mess with her beauty 

Caring for her becomes your moral duty.