With universe’s shining light

You have to trust your path is right;

To make your dreams a reality

Do everything that is in your might;

In the meantime,just surrender to faith

And, hold onto yourself really tight.


After the winter

The sun will again rise

Leaving you a little more wise;

On the other side,you’ll come out as more bright

As you find within you, your inner guiding light;

That moment will indeed be a wonderful sight.


As the bird perched itself on the tree

It was finally left to be

Thankful to the kind human who set it free

Back to its home,the wonderful world it could again see.



A love stream flows directly from your heart 

And, you’re generous enough to let me borrow some of the love 

But, I’ll make sure to return it to you later 

Once the drought in my heart ends.


It’s okay to be vulnerable 

Stop being sufferable; 

Let it all out

Have a good cry or vent it out;

Your emotions are valid without a doubt 

Reflect your true self out and about.


I wish I could drink your tears 

Leaving you with no pain to bear;

I wish I could catch all your fears 

Leaving you with all kinds of magic

and only nice things to hear;

But,as of now,remember for anything and everything,

I’m always with you dear.


As life sets into motion 

Everyone around us has their own notions;

Amidst all the noise and commotion 

Feed your soul and tap into your real emotions.


Always strive for gratitude

It leads yourself to a positive attitude;

Frees oneself from shackles of any kind of self imposed servitude

Enables to deal with anything and everything life throws at you with great fortitude;

Develops a sense of rectitude

Helps in gaining a new perspective and no longer will your heart let you delude;

Into a state of calm and patience you’ll be able to elude

Unnecessary and negative thoughts will stop to intrude;

All around positivity you tend to exude

You become one with yourself and enjoy the joy of solitude;

Makes you attract all things nice in great magnitude 

You forget your worries for atleast a brief period of interlude;

Wipes away from your being any kind of turpitude

Your take on life gets renewed;

So, folks don’t forget to practice gratitude.




For once, I wish to go back to my past

So that over the years, these feelings of regret did not last;

Wish I had the courage to confess

In front of everyone,my love I wanted to profess;

Wish I could express my feelings openly towards you

Maybe,just maybe,there wouldn’t be all these years of cries and rue;

I wish in all those times, I acted differently 

We would have been alongside each other,loving unconditionally; 

And,today,I wouldn’t be thinking wishfully.


Under your embrace,

I find my happy place;

To everyone else,you may seem tough

But, I know you are as delicate as lace;

You care about me

But still give me enough space;

Wipe away all my gloom and haze

And, put the smile back on my face;

Your innocent and loving gaze,

makes my heart race; 

I love the way how our love has blossomed,

at its own sweet pace;

With you by my side,

anything life throws at us,I’m ready to brace;

May we always be there for each other, by God’s grace 

My love, I want you to know that,you are my happy place.