Accept who you are

Along with perfections,embrace your scars;

With everyone else, you are at par

To the universe, you are a shining star.





An appreciation post I had written a few months back, but couldn’t post for whatever reason……… dedicated to the true heroes protecting and safeguarding our country, so that we can go on about our daily lives without any fear or distress.

Soldiering with faith

For us, in blood they bathe;

Hard to break their indomitable spirit

Full of grit, valour and merit;

For our today, they sacrifice their tomorrow

We live peacefully, as they drink our sorrow;

In the face of adversities, they stand tall

Face the bullet, but don’t let the nation fall; 

Defending the nation, they keep marching on

Always at the forefront, be it dusk or dawn;

For our true heroes, we have nothing but respect and gratitude 

On behalf of the entire nation,all I can give them is a big salute. 




Well,this marks my 50th post.Honestly,I don’t know what to feel.I mean,I’m delighted that I have written fifty blog posts and YAY to golden jubilee,but at the same time I feel, I could have done more for my blog and given it more time and focus than I did.But overall, I do feel this tiny sense of accomplishment in my heart as I write my 50th,as I’ve been contemplating to start a blog for years now, and  for some reason or the other, never took the plunge.But,in 2018, I decided that the perfect time is never going to come and the time you start doing something you like, it automatically becomes the perfect time.So,I wrote two posts and the feeling I got after posting them was something else.It gave me such pleasure to share something I believe in and would hopefully resonate with someone else too. But, then went off the grid,thanks to the procrastinator that I am.So,in 2019,I decided that I had to award my blog the attention it deserved from me,and my love for writing brought me back.Though,I was consistent in the beginning but fell off the bandwagon again.But,you know what??Life happens and I’ve realized that it’s okay to post whenever you feel like and not treat it like work,and as cliche as it sounds,you just  got to enjoy the process. After all,it’s your blog and you can do whatever you want with it ,whenever you want and wherever you want and that’s the beauty of it.Okay, I think I need to stop now and come straight to the point,otherwise this post is going to become a few pages long.So,I was thinking of a topic to write on and realized that that I didn’t get to post this piece I had written for  Earth Day for whatever reason, but what better time than now, as this is a cause which I believe everyone should stand up for.Our planet needs us now more than ever,and all we’ve got is our mother Earth and if we take care of her, she’ll take care of us.

Also,I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people that have followed my blog,liked the posts or commented on it.Your support really means a lot to me and encourages me to write more,and gives me the push I need when I start to become a little complacent with my blog.Apart from being a writer,the other thing that I enjoy doing is reading other people’s blogs whenever I get the time to and it simply blows my mind how talented and hardworking people are and what amazing pieces of art they produce.This acts as a motivator for me and makes me want to give my best too .It may not be the best content out there,but I know for a fact that that it is something unique to me and maybe will touch chord with some people,if not all.So,here goes my 50th post-


You are our only home

Where we can freely roam;

Over the years,

taken you for granted;

Wreaked havoc and

not enough trees planted;

In a place,which was once

pure and enchanted;

Still,like a nurturer

you are always giving;

More often than not

always forgiving;

Sometimes,you are angry too

And, lash out in the form

of a natural calamity;

Making us question

our morality and humanity;

So,can we all pledge to do our bit

to protect our mother EARTH?

From whose embrace millions take birth.


Once again,thank you for taking out time to read my blog posts and hopefully,here’s to many more in the future.Cheers!!


Hope is all that is left

Under the rug,the tears are swept;

Wish those who hurt us realize their mistake

And,love gives us a second chance like another movie take.



The best things in life are usually free-

Like the cool shade under a tree

Like a healthy running spree;

And the best of all,

Looking at the stars kissing the beautiful sea.


Please feel free to share your best things to do which are free from materialistic pleasures.Would love to read them!!


Some people are too keen to highlight

others’ imperfections and flaws

Always ready to attack with their open claws;

They drive sadistic  pleasure by bringing them down

Project their own insecurities onto others to make them frown;

They seem to forget one thing which is fundamental

If you judge us,it’s all too easy for us to judge the judgemental;

But,unlike them,overlooking their own imperfections

 having bruised egos and being full of themselves

Let us choose to be more kind,empathetic and love ourselves.


Life may seem dreary and cold

Looking for places where dreams are sold;

Patience is the key you would want to hold

For time will come,when you’ll unlock the door;

Covered with opportunities in gold

And,bloom once again like a beautiful marigold.


We are all different colors

of the same rainbow

Every color has a unique sheen and show;

If a color loses its place and form

The rainbow wouldn’t be complete

and lose its charm.