Today is World Day of Social Justice.So,decided to pen a little something for the same……

Living in a society with many evils

People have forgotten to be civil;

Practicing many things which are illegal

And making the world lethal.

Fear not,their time has come

No longer will we shy away from;

All the bad that has been done

be it hit and run or playing with guns,

is going to be shunned.

People have risen for social justice

Wiping away all the injustice;

One step at a time eliminating it

empowering not only the victims but themselves,

amends are being made as well.

Let social justice prevail all day, everyday

By keeping the social ills at bay,

and making the perpetrators pay.

In moments of doubt,don’t let your spirit whittle away

trust your morality to play;

All said and done,it will be a miracle play.



You are a gift to humanity

So,don’t lose your place ;

Get up every time with grace

In this life,which is not meant to be a race.

It’s a marathon and only the ones

with grit and determination survive;

If it’s too much,just take a breather and unwind.

Pick up from where you left

Give it your all and hope for the best;

Wonderful things are meant to happen

You just have to tap in.

Placed on this Earth for a reason

To witness various seasons;

Live your life without insanity

For you are a gift to HUMANITY.



As I walked past him,our eyes met 

Taking a few glances at  him,I left

But,that evening, all I kept thinking was his sad but  innocent eyes

I knew he was calling me and waiting for my return

So,I grabbed some things and left to see him

On reaching there,I saw him with his friends

But this time,there was a sparkle of hope in his eyes

As I drew close,he and his friends stood still

I got nervous for a moment, but still went uphill

Took the goodies near him and he was thrilled

Watching him gobble the milk and bread,his friends chimed in

This, I knew was start of a new love affair

with them wagging their tails 

All they wanted was some love and care

and, all I wanted was well…….. the same.

Small gestures make a big difference……

Imagine you are having a rough day and nothing is going well for you, but then someone compliments you and TING-it makes you happy or as Marie Kondo would say” SPARKS JOY” inside you.Well believe it or not,in this day and age of technology,we are so busy with our day- to-day lives that we tend to forget the joy we get in small  little things.I’m sure everyone must have read articles on how doing small little things such as spending time in nature,having a lovely chat with your dear ones,cuddling with your pets,eating your favourite desserts among many other things bring joy to us.

In the same way,doing small acts of kindness can bring joy not only to you but of course the other person as well.And, you don’t need to go out of your way to do these things.Just go with the flow and see what you can do for others. By others it could be anyone or anything-people,animals,environment or yourself(yes,you read that right).So, if you are wondering on how to make a start, let me give you a few starters though I’m pretty sure you all must have heard of these things before or have done them already or are doing them everyday.But,still there’s no harm in reminding ourselves,right?Here we go-

1.Compliments-I mean c’mon who doesn’t like compliments?Already discussed briefly,these are the easiest way to make people around you happy.But, make sure your compliment sounds genuine and comes from a place of love and respect for the other person.*Pro tip*-Don’t just compliment people for their looks,rather compliment them for the qualities you admire in the other person.

2.Thank you’s and Sorry’s-Never be shy to say these words as and when required  but make sure you don’t go overboard  with these  terms because then they tend to lose their value and mean nothing to others.

3.Random acts of kindness-These could be anything and  as random as possible such as giving up your seat to an elderly person/someone who’s in need,keeping a bowl of water for birds/squirrels in your garden,providing  education to someone who doesn’t have access to it,et al.You get the gist ,right?

4.Be kind to yourself-Lastly but certainly one of the most important one is to be kind to yourself.If we are talking about doing kind gestures towards others,then why not do it for ourselves too.So,please don’t be harsh on yourself and always try to look for the positives even you feel everything is going against you.(I know it’s easier said than done  but let’s all try at least) It’s extremely important to take care of your  body,soul and mind by indulging yourself in things which give you joy and contentment.As long as you compliment yourself on your achievements,learn better from your mistakes and keep on growing and evolving as a better human being that our world needs right now,you are doing absolutely fine.

We all need to remind ourselves to be kind to one another and the world will be a better place.You all must have noticed how I’ve labelled these gestures as small or little but honestly speaking they are not so small or little and can actually hold the power to transform someone’s day  and if we keep practicing kindness and empathy, the world is surely going to be a better place to live in.Also, I would like to reiterate that there are many people who are already doing these things and much greater actually for themselves and everybody around them, but if you want to make a start somewhere right now is the time.I’ll end by stating one of my favourite quotes-



A glass half full……

With half of the year already gone,most of us feel that we haven’t been able to achieve what we set to in our so called New Year resolutions(hope I am not the only one ).It’s almost become a  sort of a tradition at the start of every year  to make resolutions about your life and then dwell in self-deprecating behavior after having not achieved them.But, it is life and things happen in life of which we have no control over.You get so caught up in your everyday routine life that everything you thought of doing for yourself and achieving all those nice goals and targets go for a toss.

But, let’s  keep reminding ourselves  to take a positive outlook at life.We have half of the year left(okay,five months to be precise) but still that is something, right?So, for all those wanting to start anew ,here is a list of things you could do which can pave the way to achieve your goals:

1.Write it down- As easy as it sounds, by writing our goals we tend to focus on them more and  to be frank the feeling of checking off the list is truly satisfying,don’t you think so?Now you can do all that fancy bullet journaling, making a planner or by simply making a list either manually or digitally but just write your thoughts, ideas, goals down.This will allow you to have a clear vision of what you want  and you don’t have to worry about unnecessary mental clutter in your mind, which brings me to my next point.

2. Declutter your mind-Everyday we have a million things running in our mind, with so many thoughts coming and going that we pay attention to some and brush off the others.Now,we all know that our brain is amazing and it can sometimes trick us into believing something which is actually not there as it all comes down to our perception.So before going to sleep or any time of your choice,you can have a mental declutter by consciously thinking about the random and not so random thoughts you had during the day and brush aside the negative and any useless things you don’t want to think about. You could also go through the day in your mind and think about all the things you achieved ,the stuff that made you happy,the things you want to achieve ,kind of in a way like you would have organized them in writing.Basically, just try to focus on your mental well being.

3.Declutter and organize your surroundings-If you are anything like me and enjoy cleaning and organizing (yes,I am one of those people) and prefer your surroundings to be neat and organised then this really helps.Start by cleaning your surroundings -it could be  as small as cleaning your closet/study area/your room to as big as taking the project to clean your house.Along with cleaning, you can purge things you don’t need and either donate them or recycle the things that can be recycled and throw away the stuff you don’t really require.After this ,you can organize as you want .This exercise may not hold true for everyone as some people tend to be focused and creative in messy surroundings but then again to each their own.Still,I would recommend you to give this a go.

4.Get the motivation/inspiration-Remember when we were young and after finishing a task, we used to be rewarded. How good was that feeling!!So, you can also do the same now. After checking off every task on your to do list, you can reward yourself with something you like.Now, I suggest the reward be intrinsic and not something external because you’ll end up looking forward for the reward and start feeling frustrated on sometimes not getting it.In the beginning, start off with something tangible but slowly move towards intrinsic rewards.

5.Just do it-Yes ,just go for it!!This is probably the most important thing you have to do it.I know it’s easier said than done but you have to just go for it once you have set your mind on your goals and targets.Don’t think about the outcome,instead focus all your energy on completing the task at hand and if you can multitask then good for you but make sure whether you set your goals daily, weekly,monthly or quarterly, you have to make full effort in order to achieve them.Also, make sure to prioritize your goals in terms of their importance as it will help you to focus more on immediate goals which need urgent attention and then tackle the rest as you go.

6.Gratitude-While on the path to achieve your goals ,don’t forget to be thankful for what you have.Inculcate the quality of showing gratitude in life in any form and you’ll feel so good about yourself and the things you have.Remember that you have  something the other person  is struggling for.Be grateful for everything positive in your life and treat mistakes and challenges of life as something to learn out of. The good and the not-so- good things help us to become a better person and not a bitter person if use the virtue of gratitude.

7.Be gentle on yourself-I can’t stress enough how important it is to be gentle and kind towards you own self . We show kindness  and care towards others but why do we become our own harsh critics?In your journey towards your dream life ,there will be many times when you’ll not be able to accomplish what you set your eyes on due to whatever reason but that’s completely fine .It happens to all of us and one should learn to let it go and incorporate self love as there is always the next time.You can start afresh at any day,any moment if you have the will to.

8.Take out the time-In this age and time ,everyone leads busy lives,some more so than the others but if you really have that fire within you to achieve your goal, you have to take out  some time in your fast paced life to accomplish your goals.Try to work hard and smart at the same time.There would be no output if you work long hours but don’t enjoy the process and are doing it just for the sake of it.Instead even if it is for fifteen minutes, do it earnestly and enjoy it thoroughly.

9.Slow but steady-We all have heard the story of the rabbit and the tortoise and how slow and steady wins the race .Well,it’s actually time you apply that notion in your life.Now I know, most of you might be thinking that you can’t afford to slow down and take a break when everyone else in busy getting stuff done.It may be true in some cases since we live in such a digital  and high -tech world. But as far as your goals are concerned,take baby steps and don’t just dive straight in because if you do that, over time it will lead to exhaustion and frustration and we don’t want that .Instead, we are looking for sustenance and perseverance.So,rather be slow and consistent with your goals than be overwhelmed and tired to pursue your dreams.

To wrap up, I would say that once you have started on your journey to better yourself ,to achieve all that you want,do enjoy the journey itself and not just wait desperately for the outcome because even if you do reach the goal, you’ll not feel content as you did not revel in the process and just did what you did for the sake of it.So,learn through the hardships and mistakes and enjoy your achievements but stay humble and  be modest about it. Also,the things that I’ve mentioned in this post are nothing new and it may not hold true for everyone  but these have personally worked for me  and hope can do the trick for some of you too..Also,it is always nice to get that positive nudge from time to time.So,see the glass as half full and not half empty.

The start of something new…..

One of my all time favorite quotes is -“For the resolute and determined there is always time and opportunity.”I am forgetting the person who gave it as I read it when I was pretty young but somehow it has stuck with me overtime and I kind of always go back to it whenever I feel the need to give myself a boost and basically get my life back together on track.

Well ,we all have times in our life when we have one of those many epiphanies and light bulb moments which aligns us with our path .For me ,it was a few days back and I just knew this has to be it.For the past many years, I’ve pondered on and off on writing blogs and not just blogs but anything in general but somehow for whatever reason never contemplated about it seriously, though I knew it somewhere within me that this would bring joy to me.There have been many reasons for it but the primary one being , with millions of blogs out there, covering all the possible topics on this planet in an aesthetically pleasing way-” Who would read my blog?”. And, some self- inflicted one’s like- “are you good enough?”, “what if you just feel like not doing it midway?”,  “would there be enough time in your not- so -busy life?”.Also, recently with the growth of other social media platforms, is it still worth doing it? But in that light bulb moment, I thought wait…… why I’m over thinking this stuff so much ??You are doing this  for you and not for someone else.It’s great if other people want to have a look at your journey but it’s equally fine if no does because at the end of the day this is what makes you happy- at least for now, so, go ahead and just do it till the time you have the passion and are enjoying what you love.

So, without putting any expectations on myself ,I would like the blog to become the center for content related to-wellness,motivation,fashion lifestyle,productivity and just random thoughts and musings.And, if like me,anyone needs that little push to do something you love and are hesitating due to some random reason, let me tell you- just do it and make yourself happy. After all, you’ve got one life and you’ve got to live it as your DREAM LIFE.